We provide moving tips through customer care team without any charge to all our esteemed clients.

  • The primary visit to the new destination by road is neccessary for inspection of the condition of the road before hand.
  • keep food items and the toiletry items which are being in used frequently at the accessible loaction and at the separate chamber.
  • The packaging and moving plan is right to be conducted at the dry season preferably during summer and winter.
  • The inflammable items should be kept at separate place as there is high risk of damage due to fire.
  • The cash and jewllery items are advised to deposite in bank lockers or must be taken along with yourself or in a locked and closed vehicle with guards
  • Before leaving to the current residence all the due bills must be paid
  • All the glassware,dinning table with glass top ,antiques are to be packed with special care.
  • Inventory list must be preferred before shifting before loading and are to be matched after unloading
  • Domestically or internationally it is advised not to carry the items which are not used kept in store room with you it unnecessary increases your consignment volume
  • Return all the borrowed or rented items before the move like books ,videos.
  • Prepare or arrange the meal you will need on the packaging day
  • Get sure that the car are being carried through customized vehicle or not
  • If possible keep the contact number of the driver and one of crew member
  • Segregate the goods that you wish to carry with yourself
  • Always request you packers to pack the fragile items like TV ,freeze ,computer and the other electronic items in a suitable and proper packaging box
  • Request the crew to lebel all the boxes such that it could be easily traced
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